Injury Threat Prompts Recall of 13,000 OneX Louisville Slugger Bats

Posted on May 2, 2013

People across the country are taking part in spring and summer sports, and thus it’s imperative that all equipment that’s worn is capable of doing its duty and protecting consumers from harm.  The following recall, which affects a product that could be used by softball players across the country, should be understood by all owners and acted upon at once.

The Louisville, Kentucky-based Hillerich & Bradsby Company announced the recall, which affects OneX Fastpitch Softball Bats under the Louisville Slugger brand.  The bat will have a yellow X in two different spots of the barrel.  13,000 or so bats are impacted by the recall, and each was available across the country between May of last year and this past February.

The recall was issued once it was discovered that separation of the barrel and the handle can occur during a player’s swing.  This can cause the barrel to be flung away and injure nearby parties if it makes contact with them.  One person has reportedly been struck in the shin by the barrel, although there have also been 169 additional reports of a separation.

Players should not use this bat.  Instead, owners are instructed to get in touch with the company to obtain a new item as well as some other free product of their choice.  If you have a softball game in the meantime, use some other bat.

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