FDA Warns Pregnant Women To Take Precautions With Medication

Posted on May 10, 2013

A news release finds the Food and Drug Administration warning pregnant women to take the proper precautions when it comes to medication.  The agency explains that drugs that might be alright to take pre-pregnancy could prove to be dangerous to either you or your unborn child during a pregnancy.

Instead of taking to the wilds of the internet to find out information, the FDA advises speaking with a doctor.  And if you just have a quick question you want answered without an appointment, the FDA recommends using one of their handy resources.  For instance, the organization offers a pregnancy website that offers a host of information dedicated to the safety of drugs, foods, medical devices, and more.

Drugs should also be taken with caution.  The FDA offers a resource about drugs and the effect that they might have on a pregnant woman.  The truth is, even relatively common pain relievers could pose risks under the right conditions.  Pretty soon, the FDA will roll out labeling changes that seek to better inform pregnant women of certain risks, but until then, you should always read the label carefully to determine if you would be endangered via consumption of a given medication.

Also understand that pregnant women are often not involved in clinical trials, and thus studies into effects of certain drugs can be lacking.  Thus, you might check up on the FDA’s Pregnancy Exposure Registry to figure out if a medication you have to take is currently under study.  By signing up, you can help improve health of pregnant women in the future.

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