FDA Expounds Upon Caffeinated Food Investigation

Posted on May 3, 2013

We recently brought you word of the announcement by the Food and Drug Administration that they’re going to be more carefully analyzing the impact that a wide range of caffeinated products could have on children.  On the heels of that announcement, the FDA has released a consumer update explaining their thinking and detailing just what this analysis will entail.

The information is framed by an interview with the FDA’s Foods and Veterinary Medicine Deputy Commissioner.  He first explains that the recent introduction of caffeinated gum didn’t necessarily prompt the move by the FDA so much as act as the latest in a long line of food items whose caffeine inclusion troubles the safety agency.  Combined with the proliferation of energy drinks, consumers are exposed to caffeine in greater levels than ever before.

The FDA wants to better understand the impact this could have on kids and even at-risk adults.  The agency has been meeting with various manufacturers to learn why they’re injecting caffeine into foods.  Feelers have also been sent out to the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the American Beverage Association.

The FDA hopes to determine what items would be appropriate for the introduction of the ingredient.  The sad truth is that there are really no requirements for caffeine at this time, as the FDA never anticipated the current caffeine craze.  Instead of setting age limits on products, though, the FDA representative explains that it’s more likely there will be caffeine caps put on those items that would be tempting to kids.

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