FDA Explains How Women Can Ensure a Healthy Heart

Posted on May 24, 2013

The Food and Drug Administration has come out with a news release that seeks to explain their various efforts to help women understand how to maintain a healthy heart.  In addition to making the general audience aware of the resources available, the agency is also explaining the important steps that can be taken to ensure safety.

First, those concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle are advised to check out the FDA’s “Heart Health for Women” website.  The Office of Women’s Health Director extols the virtues of this site, citing its ability to help an individual drastically cut down on the risk of heart disease, which the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute estimates accounts for 25% of fatalities among females.

A cardiologist with the FDA explains the risks of heart disease tend to increase once a woman experiences menopause.  This can typically be attributed to a decrease in estrogen levels.  It should be noted, though, that hormone replacement is not recommended by the American Heart Association in order to mitigate the risks of heart disease.

To ensure your ongoing health, make sure to speak with a healthcare professional, especially if you suffer from diabetes or heightened cholesterol or blood pressure.  Smokers should take pains to quit, and although taking a daily aspirin might be an option, you must speak with a doctor before doing so.  Pay attention to food labeling, and learns the various signs that could be indicative of a heart attack so that you can react appropriately.

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