CHP Encourages Motorcycle Safety in Mendocino, Lake Counties

Posted on May 21, 2013

Memorial Day weekend brings many motorcyclists out to take advantage of the warm weather and sunny skies.  In order to ensure the safety of such persons, the California Highway Patrol is launching a safety operation designed to coincide with the weekend so often heralded as the start of the summer.

The CHP will be cracking down on motorists in the areas of Mendocino and Lake County.  These areas are receiving a particular emphasis because of the prevalence of motorcyclists who flock to the counties in order to take advantage of the beautiful vistas and winding roads.  Many organized rides and events take place in the area, and the CHP also worries about the availability of alcohol at such functions.

This Friday, the CHP will be ticketing any drivers whose actions could compromise motorcyclists, and they will be cracking down hard on persons who are drinking and driving.  Motorcyclists and other vehicle operators will each be targeted.

To help ensure safety in Lake County, Mendocino County, and elsewhere, the CHP encourages riders to limit their speed, as it’s difficult for other drivers to properly judge speed when pulling out of an intersection.  Visibility and safety can also be enhanced by putting on the proper gear, including a helmet and bright clothing.  And considering the importance of proper balance and reaction time on a motorcycle, it’s absolutely essential to refrain from alcohol consumption as a rider.

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