CHP Advises Caution Near Big Rigs

Posted on May 21, 2013

With many citizens across California taking to the road for a short vacation this Memorial Day, traffic will be heavy, and it becomes especially important to take the proper precautions around big rigs.

In order to help drivers protect themselves and others around such vehicles, the California Highway Patrol, the California Trucking Association, and the Insurance Information Network of California held a safety event recently at the Alameda Naval Air Station.  Representatives of the aforementioned organizations were on hand to offer guidance and demonstrate to all motorists the challenges faced by commercial truck drivers.

To ensure safety, you might thus consider some of the tips offered by the CHP.  First, understand the larger blind spots that truckers must cope with.  Blind spots on the righthand side of a semi can extend outward for three lanes and encompass the trailer’s length, so it’s imperative that you pass such vehicles on the lefthand side.  Get in front as quickly as possible, and make sure that you are able to see the driver in his or her mirrors.  They should be able to see you if you can see them.

Don’t be so keen to swerve right back in front of the truck either.  The increased stopping distance of a truck means that you should give them a wide berth and not pull ahead of the truck until you’re plenty far away.  Also recognize that trucks need ample space to turn and maneuver.  Give them the room they need to do so.

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