Child Bike Helmet Safety Tips Offered By Safe Kids and BHSI

Posted on May 13, 2013

Given that May has been designated as National Bicycle Safety Month, there’s perhaps no better time to get your child more invested in wearing a helmet every time they head out on two wheels.  To make sure that your kids are properly protected, consider some valuable tips from Safe Kids and the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute.

The first thing you can do is set a good example for your child.  If you put on a helmet every time you ride, your kids will be more likely to do the same.  Should your kids still be hesitant to put on a helmet, talk to them about its importance and detail how their bike is basically their first vehicle.  Ask them to show that they can demonstrate responsibility.

Having a helmet properly fitted is almost as important as wearing a helmet in the first place.  To figure out if a helmet has been adequately affixed, have your kid look up and tell you if they can see the rim.  If they can, you’re good to go.  A “V” shape should form below your child’s ears, and the helmet ought to be tight but not painfully so when your kid opens his or her mouth.

Make sure to swap out the helmet if your child is involved in a crash, but otherwise, conduct replacements whenever the helmet falls into disrepair.  And every helmet you buy should come with the a label detailing the approval of the CPSC.

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