Carseat, Household Safety Tips Offered By Safe Kids Worldwide

Posted on May 22, 2013

Safe Kids Worldwide, as its name suggests, is an organization dedicated to ensuring the safety of children across the world.  It attempts to spread awareness about common dangers that far too often lead to serious personal injury.  In order to commemorate the rollout of a new Washington chapter of the agency, a new report has been issued which offers some valuable safety tips.

Parents should first enure that they know how to install carseats.  Evidence suggests that nearly three out of four are installed incorrectly, but parents can protect their kids by tightening the seat to the point where the base moves less than an inch.  You might seek out assistance at a car seat check in your area to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

You also need to make sure to supervise your kids around common household dangers.    Furniture and televisions should be anchored to the ground, and you should not let kids climb those items lest they topple with the child aboard.

You also want to limit your children’s exposure to loose medication.  Child-resistant locks can be placed on cabinets, but these aren’t completely tamper-proof, and a child might also gain access to something like the occasional loose pill in a purse or some such container.  That’s why supervision is perhaps the most important precaution around the home.

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