Braking Issue Prompts Mack Trucks to Recall 5,203 Vehicles

Posted on May 20, 2013

Given their large size when compared with other types of vehicles on the highway, semi trucks need to have their safety assured in order to protect travelers along the roads.  Thus, owners of the vehicles involved in this next recall must make sure to get the necessary repairs as soon as possible, lest a runaway tractor trailer imperil safety across the country.

Mack Trucks announced the recall, which pertains to MRU, GU, LEU, CXU, and CHU trucks of the 2013 and 2014 model years.  Each of the 5,203 or so affected vehicles will have drum brakes.

The recall was necessitated because it was discovered that there might not be a cotter pin in the brake slack adjuster’s clevis pin.  Without this component, loosening and eventual dislodgment of the clevis pin is a distinct possibility.  This can lead one wheel to lose its ability to halt as required, a condition that will potentially increase the time and distance it takes to stop.  The vehicle might also be pulled to one side because of the braking imbalance.  Either situation would imperil drivers and nearby commuters.

On June 17, the recall is set to start up, and owners can expect to hear from Mack.  Free inspections will be offered by dealers, and if the brake slack adjuster is found to be wanting, new hardware will also be installed at no cost.

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