4,560 Touch Point Heaters Recalled By Meijer Due to Overheating Risk

Posted on May 13, 2013

A series of heaters is being recalled because they have the potential to heat to a degree that goes beyond what the user was probably intending.  Already, an instance of a fire breaking out has been reported, and thus if you are in possession of one of the recalled units, it’s imperative to heed the directions of the recall as soon as possible.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Meijer Distribution announced the recall, which affects portable baseboard convection heaters under the Touch Point brand.  These electric heaters will have a date code of 0611 and a model number of BBC-1500.  Produced in June 2011, the 4,560 or so heaters encompassed by the recall were on sale across the country from Meijer between September 2011 and this past February.  They would have cost around $50.

At issue is the fact that the heaters can simply overheat, an issue that could prompt a fire.  Two overheating issues have already come to Meijer’s attention, and one of those incidents led to a fire and the incursion of property damage.  Thankfully, no one was injured.

The heaters should not be used.  Instead, owners are being advised to bring the products back to Meijer to get their money back.  Although it’s May and the heater likely won’t be used by many Californians for a few months, it’s important to take care of the problem now while the issue is fresh in your memory.

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