Some Demographics More Privy to Texting and Driving Than Others

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Research from the University of Alberta, the same institution that just recently came out with the results of a study focused on the dangers of hands-free cellphone usage while driving, points to the demographics most likely to be tempted to text and drive.

The research team looked at data from a survey carried out at some point in 2011, and the results show that men in the middle age bracket who have been through college are the demographic most likely to text at the wheel.  In fact, persons of both sexes between the ages of 35 and 44 were those most privy to being distracted at the wheel.  Cellphone usage was also 10% higher for males than females.

What makes these results most unfortunate is that the very same people who admit to texting or cellphone usage at the wheel also seem to recognize the threat that those habits pose to safety.  Scant few thought such a habit was admissible, with the vast majority proclaiming that the risk of an accident goes up dramatically when texting.

Other interesting demographic information was also illuminated by the study.  Persons who make upwards of six figures used their cellphones in greater numbers, as did people who don’t consider themselves to be religious.  But on the other hand, religious persons were less likely to use a phone at the wheel, as were those in lower income brackets, according to researchers.