Protect Your Children When They're Out Playing This Summer

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Although summer doesn’t officially start for another few weeks, the passage of Memorial Day in California signals the unofficial start of the season.  Kids across California are itching to get out of school, and thus it’s going to be up to parents to provide constant supervision to ensure safety during outdoor activities.  A new report out of Georgia provides some important tips to help you protect your kids.

When your children head to local parks, go with them and keep an eye on all play activities so that you can put a stop to anything that could prove injurious.  Make sure your kids wear appropriate clothing that won’t create a snagging or entrapment hazard.  Drawstrings are inadvisable, as is anything else that can catch on a structure.

Hard surfaces that could cause impact damage should be avoided; instead, your kids should play on or near playground equipment made up of and surrounded by rubber, sand, or wood chips.  All equipment should be regularly inspected by local officials responsible for such, and if you suspect checks aren’t being conducted, consider getting in touch with the appropriate authorities and avoiding that area until maintenance is carried out.

As the weather warms up, make sure your kids stay hydrated and covered in sunscreen.  It should be reapplied every couple hours, and hats might be worn to further reduce the skin damage risks posed by direct sunlight.