18,871 Cadillac SRX Automobiles Recalled By GM Over Crash Risk

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Cadillac SRX automobiles of the 2013 model year are being recalled by General Motors because of a potential issue with the 18 inch wheels available on these units.  Around 18,871 vehicles might be impacted by the problem, which would revolve around potential loosening of the lug nuts on these wheels.  This can lead the lug nuts to fall off completely, which can cause a fracture to crop up in the wheel studs.  All of these things could prompt the wheel to be dislodged from the vehicle completely, an issue that can prompt a loss of control and subsequent crash threat.  The recall is set to start next Monday, at which point owners can expect to hear from GM.  A free tire rotation and wheel nut replacement will be carried out by dealers for those who bring their vehicles in.

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