Methotrexate Sodium Injections Recalled Over Particulate Fears

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The potential for particulate formation has prompted Sandoz to announce the recall of Methotrexate Sodium Injections available across the country and in Poland.  Lot CL0996 and Lot CJ4948 are impacted by the recall, which was initiated once a quality test of a sample product identified the presence of particulates.  If the drug, which is typically used for the treatment of things like psoriasis, arthritis, and various neoplastic diseases, contains particulate matter, patients could be subjected to a host of medical complications.  This could include a microembolism, most likely in the lung.  No complications have been reported at this time, and to ensure that continues, healthcare professionals should take the proper precautions with the recalled drugs and patients should report to a doctor the moment they experience any kind of adversity.

For more about the recall, follow this link.