54,700 Avon's Popcorn Makers Recalled Over Potential Fire Hazard

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The New York City-based Avon Products has announced the recall of Microwave Popcorn Makers under the Avon’s brand.  These six inch tall products will have a plastic yellow lid and an item number of 474-105.  Sold online and via direct sale from Avon reps between this past October and February, the products pose a fire hazard when heated too long.  The popcorn inside can heat to an unsafe degree, potentially igniting and causing the user to sustain a burn.  20 overheating incidents have been made known, two of which caused microwave damage.  Thankfully, no one got hurt in any of those instances.  Owners of the estimated 54,700 products should get in touch with Avon for new safety instructions.

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