Airbag Error Prompts Recall of 5,440 Jeep Wranglers

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An issue that could lead an airbag not to deploy properly has led Chrysler to initiate a recall of Jeep Wrangler vehicles of the 2008 through 2012 model years.  Each of the estimated 5,440 recalled automobiles will have a drive on the righthand side.  The recall was initiated upon discovery that a broken airbag circuit could be had in the clockspring assemblies.  This could keep the driver’s side airbag from going off should a frontal collision take place.  Thus, said driver would not be cushioned from impact damage the way that they otherwise would.  Owners should hear from Chrysler at some point this month.  They’ll be able to obtain a free clockspring replacement and dust shield for the steering wheel at no cost.

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