Doctors Warned About Stolen, Unsterilized Surgical Stapler Reloads

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The Food and Drug Administration has learned that one lot of a certain medical product has been stolen from its place of manufacture and thus its sale to healthcare professionals could leave patients at risk of an infection.  The items stolen were Endo GIA Articulating 60-3.5 Surgical Stapler Reloads from Covidien.  One lot carrying the number N3B0165LX was taken.  Already the FDA has been informed of instances in which these staples were being sold.  What makes this so dangerous is that they were stolen before sterilization procedures could be carried out.  Doctors are being asked to check their inventory to look for the aforementioned lot number along with a reference code of 030458.  If found, Covidien should be contacted.

For more about the recall, follow this link.