410 RVs Recalled By Triple E Over License Plate Visibility Issue

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Unity, Libero L24CB, Regency GT, and Serenity S24CB recreational vehicles of the 2012 and 2013 model years have been recalled by Triple E because of an issue with the light that’s supposed to display the license plate.  On an estimated 410 of these vehicles, the light is not sufficiently bright so as to make the plate visible.  This situation is in violation of the Federal Standard governing lamps and reflective devices because it compromises the ability of persons, including law enforcement officers, to identify ownership of the RV.  The early part of this month should see the start of the recall, which will find owners being contacted by Triple E.  At that point, the RVs can be brought in to a dealer to receive the no-cost installation of a new lamp.

Follow this link for more about the recall.