500 OM Aerial Devices Recalled By Terex Over Injury Hazard

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OM Aerial Devices of the 1998 through 2005 model years have been recalled by Terex South Dakota.  500 of these devices, which can be found on utility trucks, are encompassed by the recall.  Each could potentially suffer from a defect wherein fatigue cracks can spring up in the elbow’s leveling arm.  This can cause a failure of the latter component, a condition that may prompt movement of the entire device while it is being used.  This could injure persons using the aerial device at the time as well as those that happen to be in the vicinity.  There is as of yet no word on when the recall will take place, but once it does, owners will be able to bring the vehicles in to a dealer for free repairs.

To learn more about the recall, follow this link.