FDA Warns Users Not to Take Samsca For Extended Periods

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The Food and Drug Administration has issued a communication warning consumers about the deleterious side effects that could be presented if they take Samsca for too long.  The drug, which is typically taken by those suffering from euvolemic and hypervolemic hyponatremia, will receive a new label detailing the potential threat posed when a user takes the product for more than a month.  Additional risks are also presented when the patient has some kind of liver disease.  Either of these circumstances in conjunction with the drug’s extended usage could lead to a liver injury that would necessitate a transplant.  The damage could even prove to be fatal.  Doctors should limit their patients’ intake of the drug to less than 30 days, and patients should understand the risks and contact a medical professional the moment adversity becomes apparent.

To learn more about the warning, follow this link.