Website Marks The Latest Facet of the FDA Patient Network

Posted on April 23, 2013

The Food and Drug Administration, in its ongoing quest to protect citizens and educate patients on safety matters, has just launched a website for the FDA Patient Network.  Those interested in learning more about medical devices and medications are encouraged to visit.

The FDA Patient Network was ostensibly started in 2011 when Patient Network News was launched, but the FDA’s efforts in the patient outreach arena actually have their genesis back in the 1980s, when the agency worked with patient advocates during the AIDS crisis.  Since then, the FDA has strived to get the opinions of patient groups whenever new regulations are being considered.

Last year’s FDA Safety and Innovation Act sought to further expand the partnership between the public and the FDA to improve the regulatory process, and the Patient Network makes that partnership official.  In addition to the aforementioned newsletter and website, the FDA will hold its second ever Patient Network meeting this summer.  Attendees can expect to learn more about how the FDA oversees medical products from development to post-market regulation.

The new website, though, could be the real standout of these patient safety awareness efforts.  By visiting, patients can gain insights into how the FDA works as well as learn about various diseases, medications, and treatment options.  Those interested in clinical trials can even learn about such events.

As well as helping citizens stay informed on matters of such consequence, the FDA hopes to use the concerns of patients to improve their own abilities and knowledge base.

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