Utah Governor Approves Teenage Driver Cellphone Ban

Posted on April 5, 2013

In Utah, a distracted driving-related law has been passed which targets those drivers who might be most at risk given their relative inexperience at the wheel:  teenagers.

The Governor of the state signed the bill two days ago, the last day of eligibility for bills hoping to be passed into law.  Now that the bill has received the go-ahead from the Governor, teenagers under the age of 18 will no longer be able to use their cellphones at the wheel.  The bill is set to go into effect on May 14.

The signature marks the end of a long and winding road to passage.  A Senator had introduced similar measures in the recent past, but each year, the bill failed to secure the votes that would have ensured passage.  This year’s bill, which was brought to the fore by a member of the House, wasn’t given its due time and time again due to a lack of Senators present for the vote, leaving some to worry about its chances at passage.

Finally, though, the measure was brought to an appropriate vote and was passed by lawmakers, despite the protests of those who thought the government did not have the right to enforce such behavior and that enforcement itself would prove tough.

Once the bill takes effect, teens can expect to pay a $25 penalty if caught.

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