Tips on Staying Safe While Running in Spring Weather

Posted on April 5, 2013

With spring weather proving alluring to runners across California, we thought there was perhaps no better time to direct you toward some tips on runner safety that might prevent a potentially serious injury.

Although we tend to think of distraction as being a driving hazard, runners are privy to distraction as well.  A cellphone might not be used by many considering how hard it is to jog and talk at the same time, but an MP3 player could also pose a distraction.

When you focus on the music, you fail to take aural environmental cues into account.  You’ll be unable to hear an oncoming vehicle plowing through an intersection, a cyclist approaching from your rear, or a child running into your path.  A lot can go wrong when you remove one of your senses from the equation.

You also shouldn’t assume that supposedly having the right of way automatically means you’ll be granted that privilege.  Drivers could be distracted by any number of things, or they could just be plain aggressive or reckless.  If you have to cross a street, use an appropriate crosswalk and wait until you get a walk signal.  Even then, wait until any approaching vehicles stop, and lock eyes with the driver before you cross.  That way, they know your intentions and you know theirs.

Finally, run on designated walking paths or in well-lit parks if you can.  If you don’t run near traffic, you won’t be endangered by traffic.

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