Take the Proper Precautions When Approaching a Railway Crossing

Posted on April 15, 2013

Whether you’re on foot or in a vehicle, it’s imperative that you acknowledge the power of a train barreling down the tracks.  Even if you think you can beat the crossing gates before they get all the way down, or you feel that an incoming train won’t reach you in time, any errant moves conducted before the train passes are inadvisable.  To protect yourself, you might consider a few tips from the Stoneham, Massachusetts Police Department.

It is always inadmissible to circumvent the gates.  Doing so is dangerous as well as illegal.  When you’re approaching a crossing gate, make sure you stop at the white line and no closer.  The line is placed there so any debris kicked up by a train won’t be thrust into nearby vehicles.  If you’re a pedestrian, you might stay even farther back.

Even though you might be waiting awhile, crossing shouldn’t be done anywhere other than an appropriate area.  When the train has finally passed, you shouldn’t simply dart out onto the tracks haphazardly, as there is always the possibility that another train could be coming.  Look twice prior to moving forward.

Finally, don’t let your impatience get the better of you if a gate is down but no train seems to be coming.  Instead of going around the gates and putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, be on the lookout for a number you can call near the crossing to report a broken gate.  If such a number isn’t readily apparent, call the police.  Reporting the potential malfunction is essential to ensuring safety.

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