Take Steps to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

Posted on April 26, 2013

We’ve previously related safety tips that pedestrians and drivers alike can put into effect in order to cut down on injurious incidents along the road.  But many of those tips fail to take into account one of the areas that accidents make themselves most common:  parking lots.  Prompted by a spat of incidents throughout 2012 and the beginning of 2013, the Police Department of Dedham, Massachusetts has released a few tips that persons here in California could make use of.

Pedestrians should largely approach parking areas the same way they would a sidewalk along the street.  That means one must limit distractions and be attuned to the environment at all times.  Persons on foot should stick to the wide parking aisles rather than weave in and out of parked vehicles.  And because parking lots can also entail numerous blind spots, you shouldn’t simply walk out in front of vehicles.  Lock eyes with a driver so you each can be assured of each other’s intentions.

Drivers would do well to limit their speed, especially when the weather is poor.  If you’re parking in a structure that has spots facing each other, try to pull forward into the furthermost spot so that your headlights face the aisle.  That way, all you have to do is pull forward to get out.  This can improve safety dramatically, as you’ll be able to see your entire environment, something that isn’t always possible when backing out of a spot.

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