Scuba Diving Air Hoses Recalled By Trident Over Drowning Threat

Posted on April 18, 2013

Many mundane items only pose a threat when a certain defect goes overlooked.  But on some products, smooth operation is essential to ensuring the safety of those using the device.  When a recall gets issued on such a product, consumers need to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.  This next recall affects scuba diving equipment, any defect of which needs to get corrected prior to a dive in order to avert a potential mishap.

The recall was announced by Trident Diving Equipment, a company based in Chatsworth, California, and it pertains to High Pressure Scuba Diving Air Hoses.  These hoses, which are about three feet long, were sold across the country by various scuba retailers between November 2011 and June of last year.  The 200 or so units being recalled cost around $35 at that time.

This hose, which has been designed to connect the pressure gauge of the scuba tank to the regulator, can spring a leak and potentially deplete air at an unsafe speed.  This could lead the user to drown.  Already, one instance of the hose leaking air has been reported, although thankfully, that particular incident did not lead to an injury.

To ensure that no other incidents occur, owners are being asked to refrain from going out on a dive using these hoses.  Instead, Trident should be contacted by all those looking to receive a new hose at no cost.

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