Pedal Interference Risk Leads Subaru to Recall 10,137 Foresters

Posted on April 26, 2013

When a driver is unable to navigate the roads properly, he or she is necessarily put in danger.  This following recall was issued because of a potential defect that could imperil a driver’s ability to control their speed and/or their braking.  Drivers should thus take note at once.

Subaru announced the recall, which pertains to Forester vehicles of the 2014 model year that were produced from this past January through March.  An estimated 10,137 vehicles are impacted by the recall, which was issued once it was discovered that the floor mats could have improperly manufactured backing.  When they heat up, curling can occur.

This isn’t really a safety issue on the passenger’s side, but on the driver’s side, this curling can put the mat in the path of the brake, gas pedal, and clutch.  Even if a driver is able to still access these pedals, the shift of focus to the mat from the road could also pose a danger.  Should the pedals indeed be compromised, the vehicle could accelerate to an unsafe degree, or a driver would be unable to press the brakes when necessary to avoid an accident.  Any of these problems could lead to a crash.

Owners should hear from Subaru before this month is out.  After that, consumers will be able to bring their automobiles in to a dealer to obtain new floor mats at no cost.

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