Many Factors Contribute to Widespread Increase In Motorcycle Deaths

Posted on April 25, 2013

Officials with the state of Utah are concerned about an uptick in the number of motorcycle deaths, but as various sources confirm, that state is not alone.  Numerous trends have contributed to an increase in the number of motorcyclist fatalities across the country, and only time will tell if the risks can be mitigated through various safety efforts.

A new report looks at the phenomenon in greater depth.  32 people died on motorcycles last year, in Utah which is an increase from the 21 fatalities which occurred just two years prior.  This puts Utah in line with 34 other states that confirmed an increase in such deaths.

States cite a host of factors for this increase.  Wisconsin attributes the matter to higher gasoline prices that tend to push people toward motorcycles.  Missouri pointed to a burgeoning economy that allows more people to spend money on things like motorcycles, while Indiana looks to hotter temperatures as the reason for an uptick.

But these are all environmental and socioeconomic factors, and the director of the Highway Safety Program of Tennessee points to three other concerns that riders have more control over.  A failure to wear a helmet can drastically increase the chance that the rider will die when they crash, and going beyond the speed limit creates a greater likelihood of a crash.  Another contributor?  Alcohol consumption prior to a ride.

The Department of Public Safety asks riders to take a proper training course, and here in California, that’s not a bad idea either.  Figure out where such a course is available in your area.

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