Keep Infants Safe When Traveling Away From Home

Posted on April 5, 2013

Safety-conscious parents will take every possible precaution when they bring their newborn child home from the hospital.  Careful research and adherence to safety guidelines can ensure that you’ve equipped your infant’s room with a crib that meets the rigorous safety standards outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

However, even safety-minded parents might struggle to take the same precautions when it comes time to travel long distances with an infant or toddler.  Thankfully, a new report provides some handy tips that could be followed.

It’s perfectly fine to ask a hotel you’re staying at if they adhere to federal regulations in terms of cribs.  Even small, independent motels have to provide travelers with an appropriate unit.  Also ask about crib sheets so that you don’t have to use a regular bed sheet.

Some parents might opt to bring a portable sleeping environment along on trips, but if you go this route, be careful:  some such units have been recalled because of recently identified dangers.  It’s important to visit the website of the CPSC to determine what products would be safe for your infant on a trip.

Finally, understand that car seats are not meant to double as an infant sleeping space.  The items were not designed for this purpose, and longterm exposure to this type of sleep environment could have health repercussions.

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