Industrial Overarching Floor Lamps Recalled Due to Risk of Collapse

Posted on April 23, 2013

A company based in Northern California has issued a recall on a series of items that could pose a dual hazard to consumers in the vicinity.  Multiple instances of a defect making itself known have already been reported, and thus owners of the products should take the announcement particularly seriously.

The West Elm branch of the San Francisco-based Williams-Sonoma announced the recall, which affects Industrial Overarching floor lamps.  These 78 inch tall iron and bronze products will have a manufacture date from August of last year through February of this year.  That frame of time encompasses around 900 lamps, each of which was available from West Elm between December and February.

These lamps have joint locking mechanisms that are in danger of experiencing a failure while in use.  The lamp could then fall downward and strike a person positioned beneath.  In addition, the cord can spark when this occurs, leading to a user potentially experiencing a shock.  24 failures have already been reported, ten of which led to a collapse and three of which prompted a spark.

Thankfully, none of those occurrences led a consumer to experience an injury.  Still, consumers are being advised to unplug the lamp as soon as possible.  Once that’s accomplished, the lamp can be sent or brought back to West Elm by those looking to get their money back.

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