Hurricane Sandy Survey Holds Insights For Citizens Everywhere

Posted on April 29, 2013

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six months since Hurricane Sandy swept across the East Coast.  The National Research Center of Consumer Reports has conducted an 8,400-person survey to understand the damage that’s been wrought and get a sense of how persons affected by Sandy responded to the disaster.

A whopping 75% of people who chimed in said that they lost power for a one-day minimum, but an entire week was the median among respondents.  Over 50% sustained some type of property damage, which then prompted a litany of insurance claims.  But what might be disappointing to hear is the fact that few people could say that their claims were handled satisfactorily.

This damage ranged from the relatively minor (downed fences, snapped power lines) to major (broken windows and doors, caved-in roofs).  The damage was sufficient in some cases to drive people out of their homes.  Some people had to wait months before they could return to their residence.

Consumer Reports takes pains to note that a natural disaster could impact anyone.  No matter the circumstances, you should invest in certain things that can keep you safe in the event of a power loss or severe structural damage.  You might purchase a generator, for one thing, and in this day and age when everyone seems to be opting for cellular-only service, you might keep your landline around, if nothing else but for emergency purposes.

Finally, purchase adequate insurance, and make sure you’re not being taken advantage of by an insurance company looking to pay out the absolute minimum.

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