Gaithersburg Police Provide Safety Tips to Drivers and Cyclists

Posted on April 23, 2013

Los Angeles was recently the site of a CicLAvia event that aimed to spread awareness about bike safety and give cyclists the chance to have the roads to themselves without fear of being struck by a motor vehicle.  But that event’s over, which means cyclists must bring their full awareness back to safety.

Recently, the police department of Gaithersburg, Maryland conducted a pedestrian safety operation that sought to impress upon cyclists and vehicle drivers alike the necessity of taking the proper precautions.   By using decoy pedestrians dressed in bright clothing, officers were able to spot cyclists and motorists whose actions put themselves and others in danger.

We bring this up because the department also issued a number of tips that can further bolster safety.  Cyclists are required to follow the same rules as all vehicle operators, which means no blowing through stop signs or otherwise committing a safety violation.  They also should do something automobile drivers don’t have to:  wear a helmet.  This can drastically cut down on some of the most serious injuries that can occur in the wake of a crash.

For their part, drivers should make sure that they give bicyclists ample space to navigate.  If you can’t provide a person on a bike at least three feet of room when you attempt to pass, then wait to pass until you can.  Be particularly attentive when making a turn or approaching an intersection.

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