Curtail The Threat Of An Accidental Firearm Discharge

Posted on April 19, 2013

If you have a gun in your home, or you’re thinking about purchasing one, then it’s imperative that you make safety your first priority.  Keeping yourself apprised of the various precautions that should be taken to prevent an accidental discharge is critical, and to achieve that type of safety awareness, you might want to direct your attention to some valuable safety tips.

Perhaps the first thing you should do, even before you purchase a weapon, is submit to a course that can teach you the basics of safety.  The proper training can go a long way toward ensuring you’re handling the firearm in a safe manner.  You’ll also want to take some time to carefully choose what kind of gun you want prior to purchase.  This will necessarily depend on whether you’re buying a gun for self defense purposes or opting for something like a shotgun that can be used for hunting.

When you have the gun in your hands, always assume that the weapon has been loaded.  That way, the idea that you shouldn’t goof around will remain reinforced in your mind.  You should never point a gun in someone’s direction while carrying it, and your finger should remain far away from the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.  When you are getting ready to discharge the weapon, be absolutely positive that there is no one in the path of the bullet or even behind what you’re aiming for.

These safety precautions should extend to when you practice on a firing range.  You should inform yourself of the various rules in place at whatever facility you choose to visit.  When you arrive, you ought to identify where a first aid kit is in case you need to access it.  Protect your hearing and vision by wearing the necessary protective gear, and deposit unused ammo in the appropriate location.

Proper storage is also essential to safety, especially if you have children in your home.  Placing your gun in an unlocked drawer is oftentimes just not sufficient to ensuring safety.  Instead, purchase a safe that offers adequate defense against those who aren’t authorized to use the gun.  It’s essential that you have some barrier between the firearm and those who aren’t prepared to handle it safely.

Finally, as your children age, there might come a point where they want to know more about the gun you keep in the house.  Explain to them the dangers of accessing the gun when they’re prepared for such a discussion, and do whatever you can to keep the firearm out of your child’s hands.

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