Crash Risk Prompts Subaru to Recall Legacy and Outback Vehicles

Posted on April 2, 2013

A recall has been issued for a series of vehicles that could be plagued by a defect that only makes itself known in certain driving environments.  The automobiles in question would have been registered in a handful of states, but if ownership has changed or the owner has moved, it’s still possible that residents of other states could be impacted as well.

Subaru announced the recall, which concerns Legacy and Outback vehicles of the 2005 through 2009 model years.  There has as of yet been no indication as to exactly how many vehicles could be affected by this recall, but each unit would have been produced from December 2003 through April 2009.

The fuel tank protector has a certain open space that exposes the brake lines to salt water if that substance splashes through said gap.  The brake lines can corrode more quickly than is admissible because of this, potentially leading brake fluid to emanate.  The driver could thus find that their ability to stop the vehicle is lessened, creating a greater possibility of a crash.

There’s no word yet on a recall schedule, but once the recall begins, owners can expect to hear from Subaru.  Free inspections will be carried out by dealers, and if the issue is detected, replacement of the affected components will be carried out, followed by rust proofing of the new unit.  Rust proofing will also be provided to corrosion-free units.

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