Consumer Reports Advises Against Aerosol Fire Sprays

Posted on April 29, 2013

In a new article, Consumer Reports discusses the dangerous situation that can present itself when an individual elects to purchase an aerosol fire spray in lieu of a fire extinguisher.  As the agency demonstrates, this could be a potentially deadly mistake.

One could easily see why a consumer would elect to purchase an aerosol spray over a fire extinguisher:  they’re cheaper and relatively simple to use.  But this will come as little solace to a residence beset by a blaze that can’t be snuffed with such a spray.

The problems with the aerosols are said to be numerous.  First, they tend not to last nearly as long, having a recommended three year reliability span versus up to 12 years for your standard dry chemical fire extinguisher.  The sprays also don’t come with a display indicating when the pressure inside is suitable for immediate usage.  Two sprays that Consumer Reports put through various tests were deemed inadvisable to purchase due to their performance problems, and the agency is worried about one recently released product as well.

Consumer Reports says to do yourself and your family a favor by investing in a fire extinguisher that’s capable of handling any blaze that might erupt.  The unit should be of a size that everyone in your home is capable of handling.  One should be set up in every level of your house, and you might consider small units for the kitchen and your motor vehicle as well.

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