CicLAvia Event Brings Bike Safety Tips and Awareness

Posted on April 22, 2013

Yesterday found cyclists flocking to the Los Angeles area in droves to participate in a CicLAvia event. Participants were able to navigate often treacherous California roads without having to worry about being struck by a motor vehicle.

But as a new article in the Los Angeles Times points out, not having to worry about motor vehicles isn’t a luxury that’s commonplace throughout the rest of the year.  Even as the city and county work to install new bike lanes in order to accommodate riders and encourage safety, accidents still take place.  That’s why representatives of the bike sharing program known as Bike Nation decided to relate some important safety tips that could be followed by all riders, not just those in Los Angeles.

Cyclists first need to make their intentions known to drivers at all times.  A straight line is preferable to constant swerving, and whenever you have to make a turn, you should use the proper hand signals.

Cyclists should also take pains to avoid the type of situation where they could be struck by a vehicle door being opened.  This area is known as the door zone, and it pertains to the three foot area along both the passenger’s and the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Finally, cyclists must ride with traffic as opposed to against it, as this can also go a long way toward improving safety.

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