Bakersfield Council Member Touts City’s Bike Safety Improvements

Posted on April 2, 2013

A member of the Bakersfield City Council recently wrote an editorial focused on the myriad ways that the city has attempted to improve bicycle safety.  The legislative body’s Community Services Committee recently approved standards for safe bike parking, but that’s just one of the steps the city is reportedly taking to help out cyclists.  The city is also investing in shared-use markings, which signal to cyclists and drivers that a driving lane is to be shared by both conveyances.  Bike paths are receiving beautification attention, and 11 miles’ worth of bike lanes are being installed thanks to grant money.  The council member also describes how the city hopes to be the beneficiary of a Safe Routes to School grant which should allow them to improve bike safety in school zones.  The city is also attempting to enact various education efforts to enlighten drivers and riders about the importance of safety.

For more information about Bakersfield’s efforts, follow this link.

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