9,900 Harley and Gerbings Heated Jacket Liners Recalled Over Burn Risk

Posted on April 17, 2013

The threat of a burn associated with a piece of clothing has prompted the recall of that item, and because there have already been two incidents reports recorded, consumers should follow the directives of this recall at once.  Given the nature of the product, the recall could also have ramifications for highway safety, so please read on to learn more.

The recall was issued by the Stoneville, North Carolina-based Gerbings LLC and concerns heated jacket liners under the Harley Davidson and Gerbings brands.  The black nylon items work by way of being plugged into something like a snowmobile or a motorcycle and then heating up the user.  A total of 9,900 jackets are impacted by the recall, and each would have been sold by various retailers across the country between April 2011 and this past December.

It was discovered that the jacket could heat up to an unsafe degree thanks to a wire connector that suffers a potential defect.  When this overheating occurs, the rider using the jacket liner could suffer burns, a condition which is not only injurious in and of itself, but could lead to focus being taken from the road.  Already, two people have reported experiencing small burns on their backs because of the product.

Owners are being asked to cease riding with this liner as soon as possible.  Affected persons can obtain either a new jacket liner or a refund by getting in touch with Gerbings.

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