676 P-Series Bicycles Recalled By 3T Design Over Control Loss Issue

Posted on April 25, 2013

Cyclists have a lot to worry about on the road.  Inattentive drivers are commonplace, individuals might fling their doors open right as you’re coasting past a vehicle, and other reckless automobile operators might simply ignore your right of way in certain circumstances.  Although you can take steps to limit your danger (wearing a helmet, increasing visibility), your efforts are undermined when a defect of your bicycle compromises your safety.

That’s why it’s important to take note of this next recall, which was announced by the Hong Kong-based 3T Design.  The recall concerns Cervelo P-Series Bicycles of the 2013 model year that came with Aura Pro model custom bike handlebars.  Said handlebars will contain the words Aura Pro, Ultimate Performance, and 3T.  676 bikes are impacted by the recall, with all but 53 sold in the United States (the remainder were available in Canada).

The clamps on the handlebars are in danger of falling off while the cycle is being ridden.  The person onboard at the time could thus lose their ability to properly navigate, an issue that could cause them to crash and sustain various injuries.  One injurious situation has already been reported.

The bikes in questions cost around either $3,600 or $6,000 (depending on the model type) when they were on sale between September and January.  Consumers should not ride the bikes until they can fix the problem with a free repair kit.  Barring that, the bikes can be brought to a dealer for no-cost repairs.

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