4,000 Handgun Vaults Recalled By Battenfeld Over Possible Lock Failure

Posted on April 10, 2013

Gun safety has certainly been a topic of national conversation as of late, but no matter which side of the discourse you fall on, recalls involving gun accessories are something that should be taken seriously.  The next recall impacts an item meant to keep handguns secure from those who aren’t meant to handle them, and owners should take steps to protect themselves and their families from an unintentional discharge.

The Columbia, Missouri-based Battenfeld Technologies announced the recall, which affects Large and Compact handgun security vaults under the Lockdown brand.  These storage cases have a three digit lock and a serial number ranging from ST120002600 to ST120006800.  4,000 vaults are impacted by the recall, and all but 100 were available in the United States.

The vaults are being recalled because a failure of the lock is a possibility.  If this occurs, anyone might be able to open the vault and gain access to the handgun inside.  Thankfully, no such incidents have been reported at this time, and to ensure that continues, owners should place their guns in a different secured space.  In the meantime, the vaults can be brought back to Battenfeld for a refund.

These items were sold across the country and online by sporting goods retailers between May of last year and this past March.  They cost about $21 at that time.

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