Lane Splitting and Hands-Free Texting Worry California Drivers

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A new article takes a look at some of the issues confronting drivers in San Jose and other environs in California.  A host of questions was posed to a columnist, who then sought to enlighten citizens as to the various laws in place.  For instance, one person wonders why hands-free texting is still legal despite widespread acknowledgement that the activity is still hazardous.  As the author explains, the acceptability of this habit could very soon become a thing of the past if a proposed ban on hands-free texting gets past the Assembly Appropriations Committee tomorrow.  Another citizen wondered about the safety and permissibility of lane-splitting by motorcyclists.  As the law currently stands, motorcyclists are allowed to engage in this activity when traffic stands below 30 miles per hour and the motorcycle is going no more than 10 mph over surrounding traffic speeds.

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