OneTouch Verio IQ Meters Recalled By LifeScan Over Shutoff Risk

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LifeScan has announced the recall of OneTouch Verio IQ Meters because of an issue that could compromise safety.  When a person has blood glucose levels above 1024 mg/dL, an amount that would be potentially dangerous to patients, a message explaining that Glucose is extremely high (i.e. higher than 600 mg/dL) is supposed to pop up.  On these units, though, the incredibly high level actually prompts a system shutoff.  Once turned back on, the device then goes to Set Up mode, but if it’s still measuring the severely high glucose levels, it will simply turn off anew.  If you experience these circumstances, get in touch with a doctor at once.  The recall affects all versions of the product.  They were made available between December 2011 and this past March.

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