155 Motorcoaches Recalled By MCI Over Possible Fire Risk

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D4500, D4505, D4000ISTV, D4000, and D4005 Motorcoaches of the 2012 and 2013 model years that contain a Cummins ISX EPA 2010 engine have been recalled by Motor Coach Industries because of a potential fire threat.  The exhaust systems on 155 of these vehicles could have a bellows pipe that wasn’t produced to the correct specifications, a condition which could lead to the failure of that component.  If this failure happens prior to the initiation of the regeneration process that’s designed to clean emissions from the exhaust, the gases could burst forth and pose a fire hazard.  At some point next month, the recall will begin, and owners can expect to receive free repairs from a dealer after being contacted by MCI.

For more about the recall, follow this link.