Redwood City CHP Releases Distracted Driving Crackdown Results

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More than two weeks have passed since the California Highway Patrol and other police entities initiated a crackdown on distracted driving, and the results have been pouring in as the operation is conducted.  The Redwood City chapter of the CHP has detailed the success of their own efforts up until April 16, and they’ve even made available a handy list that details the citations as they were issued on a day by day basis.  Overall, 302 people were pulled over for engaging in distracting behavior.  And despite the fact that most agencies have talked up their zero-tolerance approach to this operation, 73 persons received a simple warning not to engage in distracting habits.  173 people were hit with a cellphone ticket, while 19 others were cited for texting.  37 people in the area were ticketed for engaging in some other distracting activity.

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