Freestyle Insulinx Blood Glucose Meters Recalled Over Display Error

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Freestyle Insulinx Blood Glucose Meters have been recalled by Abbott because there’s a possibility that they wouldn’t display the correct glucose reading in persons who may need prompt medical attention.  The issue takes place when a person’s blood glucose is higher than 1024 mg/dL.  The meter will potentially subtract 1024 mg/dL from the actual glucose level and display that information, severely underestimating the heightened level of glucose in the patient’s blood.  The person might not know that they should seek out medical help at once, and they could thus face a serious injury or even a fatality.  One incident in which the patient received hyperglycemia treatment and was released has been reported, but it may or may not be related to the issue.  Customers can get a replacement unit or update the software at no cost.

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