Police Crack Down on Distracted Driving Around Sparks, Nevada

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At the beginning of this week, police in the area of Sparks, Nevada, set out to issue tickets to those persons judged to be in violation of the state’s laws against distracted driving.  Over the course of the day, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department, the Sparks Police Department, and the Reno PD issued two dozen citations to persons who used their cellphones to text or talk at the wheel.  Persons caught engaging in cellphone usage while driving in Nevada face a $112 fine if it’s their first offense.  In many instances, officers reported seeing cellphones in an area of the cabin that can lead to temptation.  Law enforcement officials are advising that all drivers simply keep their phones out of reach so that they won’t get the itch to use those devices.

For more about this crackdown, follow this link.