Nevada Highway Patrol Cracking Down on Cellphone Driving Next Week

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We’ve been spending the past couple weeks drawing your attention to the various enforcement operations in place all throughout California as part of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  But these types of endeavors don’t just affect our state.  As you’ll soon see, even those persons who decide to take a weekend trip to Las Vegas could find themselves being pulled over if they engage in distracted driving.

That’s because the Nevada Highway Patrol will be conducting its own campaign throughout next week.  Just like California, Nevada has outlawed both texting and talking on a cellphone at the wheel, and it’s been that way for more than a year now.

Fines in Nevada aren’t quite as strict as they are in California, at least not at first.  A first-time offense costs a driver $112, slightly less than the $159 paid by California offenders.  That number jumps slight for a second offense, but once a driver hits his or her third violation, they can expect to pay a whopping $350.

A spokesperson for the NHP reports that 25 people ended up being cited at the heightened fine amount last year.  In 2012, a total of 12,275 tickets were handed out by Nevada law enforcement officials caught in the act of texting or using a handheld cellphone.  Apparently, 2013 is thus far right in line with that number.