NuVision and ApotheCure Recall Compounded Items Over Sterility Risks

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You can add two more compounders to the list of those that have had to recall products due to a perceived lack of assured sterility.  These latest two recalls come on the heels of inspections by the Food and Drug Administration that revealed the potential contamination danger.

The first recall was issued by ApotheCure Inc. and concerns all sterile products from the company that have yet to expire.  The recall pertains even to those products which have a statement on them saying “Independently tested for sterility.”  Available across the country, the compounded products need to be quarantined and kept away from patients.

The other recall was announced by NuVision Pharmacy and affects a series of items known as sterile lyophilized products.  These were also available across the country.

In each instance, there have been no reports of adversity filed in association with products from the company.  Nevertheless, the FDA has become concerned with certain conditions present at the plants.  The agency worries that a patient receiving any of the aforementioned drugs could be privy to a potentially severe infection.

The drugs should not be given to patients, and the companies should be contacted by those looking to learn more about return instructions.  If an infection or some other form of adversity presents itself, a report should be filed with MedWatch.