NHTSA Statistics Show Uptick in Fatal Distracted Driving Crashes

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The threat of distracted driving shows no signs of abating.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released statistics which show that fatalities related to distracted driving were up in 2011 to 3,331 people killed.  That’s nearly 240 more than the number of fatalities the year prior.  But interestingly, injury rates actually declined by about 29,000 for a total of 387,000 injured parties, and the number of injuries involving cellphones specifically also fell to 21,000, a drop of 3,000.  The number of crashes involving cellphones rose by that same amount, while overall distracted driving-related crashes dropped by 74,000 to 826,000.  This coincides with survey information from the NHTSA which shows that nearly 50% of motor vehicle operators admit to answering a ringing phone at the wheel.

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