News Team Test Efficacy of Anti-Distracted Driving Apps

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Recently, a news team took to the road with the Santa Maria sector of the California Highway Patrol to test out the efficacy of three apps which aim to limit a driver’s ability to text or talk on their cellphones at the wheel.  First up was Drive Safe, possibly the most well known of the apps.  This app keeps track of a teen’s driving behavior and sends any instances of cellphone usage to the driver’s parents.  I-Zup aims to head text messages off at the pass by issuing an auto-response to incoming text messages telling the sender that the driver will be in touch once they bring their vehicle to a stop.  And IM Addicted goes further, shutting off all phone functions while driving.  To deactivate the app, one has to input a code and put up with an alarm that pipes up whenever a driver attempts to use their phone.

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